Eagles Trade No. 32 Pick to Ravens



Matt Finocchio - Head Writer

The Eagles have traded the No. 32 overall pick and a fourth-round pick (No. 132) to the Baltimore Ravens in exchange for the Ravens’ second-round pick (No. 52), fourth-round pick (No. 125) and a 2019 second-round pick.

This is something we suspected Howie Roseman and Joe Douglas wanted to do all along; move back in the draft and collect additional picks, as the Eagles didn’t have any second or third-round picks heading into the draft.

As of this morning (4/27/18), here are the Birds’ picks heading into day two of the draft:

  • 2nd Round: No. 52
  • 3rd Round: No picks
  • 4th Round:  No. 130
  • 5th Round: No. 169
  • 6th Round: No. 206
  • 7th Round: No. 250

In a post-draft press conference, it sounded like Roseman didn’t think there was much of a talent drop-off between No. 32 and No. 52. If the Eagles really believe that to be the case, then this feels like a good deal for the Birds.

The key to this deal is the 2019 second-round pick; this shows the teams’ commitment to building long-term and shows their confidence that they have enough veterans to repeat as Super Bowl Champs without needing a rookie to contribute right away this season.

While it’s tough as a fan to watch the entire night only to see your team not make a pick, Eagles fans should feel good knowing that these additional picks will help build continued success for years to come.