Eagle Re-sign Darren Sproles



Matt Finocchio - Head Writer

After tearing his ACL (and breaking his forearm) early last season, there was speculation that Darren Sproles might call it quits.

Thankfully, Sproles is interested in one more season, citing that he didn’t want to end his career on injured reserve.

At 34, an ACL tear would almost certainly be a career-ender for a typically running back. However, Spoles isn’t a typical running back. Regarding his rehab, Howie Roseman endearingly called him a “Freak” and mentioned that Sproles should be on the field week 1.

Provided his rehab went well, Sproles should still be good for plus/minus 10 touches per game and has the added dimension of being a dynamic punt returner.

Eagles fans will surely be pumped to see #43 back on the field.