Top 10 Super Bowl Foods

Matt Finocchio - Head Writer

So, I haven’t posted in three months. I would say it’s because I’ve been focused on the podcast, but the honest reason is just pure laziness. So what better way to get back in the writing game than by breaking down my top ten Super Bowl foods?

Before we get into the foods, I should first mention that I’m in the camp of the Super Bowl being a great at-home event with very little company. Every year I get invited to watch-parties, and every year I decline those invitations. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good hangout with friends, but on Super Bowl Sunday, there’s nothing better than being in your on home, on your own couch, wearing sweatpants and having full access to your own kitchen. With that being said, I still plan on making enough food to feed 20 people. Let’s break it down…

10. Pigs in a Blanket: Great pre-game food. Cook these bad boys first while you are prepping everything else. Have yellow mustard and a spicy mustard nearby for dipping.

9. Potato Skins: I’m definitely not going through the effort to make these myself, but if you know someone nice enough to make these for you, then you’re looking at a great Super Bowl Sunday.

8. Ruffles Ridges with French Onion Dip: The crunch and grease of the chips paired with the fattiness of French Onion Dip is a match made in heaven. Bonus: no prep-work needed.

7. Beer: I love craft beer, but for the Super Bowl I want something a bit lighter that will pair nicely with the copious amount of food I’ll be shoveling into my face. With that in mind, I’m going with Miller High Life, aka the Champagne of beers.

6. Buffalo Chicken Dip (aka BCD): Do it the right way…no canned chicken. Buy chicken breast or a rotisserie chicken if you’re lazy. Also, I prefer a ranch-based BCD over blue cheese, but you honestly can’t go wrong with either one.

5. Chili: Leave it in the crock pot all day long. Only gets better with time, ‘nuff said.

4. Nachos: My go-to toppings include any meat (shredded chicken or pork, ground beef or turkey), black beans, cheese, diced tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, salsa, hot sauce, guacamole, sour cream

3. Guacamole: Love it. A nice change of pace from all the warm foods on this list. Also doubles as a nacho topping.

2. Pizza: East coast/NYC style slice. Must be foldable. As greasy as possible. Pepperoni is the #1 topping, but sausage is an acceptable substitute.

1. Chicken Wings: By far my favorite food to eat while watching football, or anything else, quite frankly. Give me some classic/standard buffalo sauce. No BBQ sauce, no dry rubs, just standard “hot”. Also, if the place you are ordering from serves breaded wings, you gotta get yourself a new wing place. Ranch on the side with some celery to be consumed AFTER all the wings are finished.

If you want to hear a more passionate breakdown of these foods, check out episode 22 of the podcast!