Doug Pederson Was Aggressive as Always

Doug never let his foot off the gas.



Matt Finocchio - Head Writer

Though he was going up against a Pats team with vast Super Bowl experience while the Eagles lacked key starters, (including an MVP-caliber QB) Doug Pederson didn’t waver from what he had done all year; His play calling was aggressive in all four quarters and his confidence in his offense, and Nick Foles, was unwavering.  

From the Eagles first offensive play, which was a pass, you could tell that Doug wasn’t going to hold anything back in Super Bowl LII.  All options were on the table.

No play epitomized this philosophy more than the Philly Special. The 4th down TD pass that started with a direct snap to an undrafted running back, who then tossed it to a third-string tight end, who then threw a perfect touchdown pass to the back-up QB. 

An aptly named play. You can’t get much more Philly - or more special - than that.

Doug Pederson deserves a ton of credit for having the stones to go for it in that situation, though Foles get credit for the play call. It’s safe to say that every coach in the league would have been satisfied taking the safe three points from a chip-shot field goal in that situation, but Doug wasn’t satisfied.

It’s been said a thousand times, but that’s mostly because it’s true; teams freeze up once they have a lead against the Patriots. They start playing “not-to-lose” (i.e. Jacksonville in the AFC Championship game) and eventually see their leads whittle down as the Patriots gain momentum. 

Doug wasn’t going to let that happen. He knew the Eagles needed touchdowns, not field goals, if they were going to keep up with New England for four quarters; furthermore, he trusted that his back-up QB could deliver them.

Bold decisions like this cemented Doug Pederson’s Super Bowl game plan and execution as nothing short of remarkable. It will go down as one of the best-called games in Super Bowl history and Pederson will go down in Eagles history as being the first coach ever to bring a Lombardi Trophy to Philly.

Thanks Doug.