Why Did you Start Philly Birds Talk?

I'm a huge Eagles fan and I love talking all things football. Rather than talking my dog’s ears off about recent roster moves, I figured I’d start a podcast and share my humble opinions with Eagles nation.


What is your favorite eagles memory?

1. Super Bowl LII (The Alshon TD, the Philly Special and the Brandon Graham strip sack)

2. Miracle in the Meadowlands II (I could re-watch the 4th quarter all day long)

3. 4th and 26 (Remember Fred-Ex?)


Who is your favorite Eagles Player?

Brian Dawkins. I know, shocker.  But seriously, the dude was (and still is) a beast. His Hall of Fame induction was well deserved.


I noticed you live in chicago. What do you miss most about pa?

Family, friends, Wawa (especially the breakfast sandwiches).